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The eBike stimulates our mobility and is one of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time. With positive impact on our health, environment, and society. The modern components and the freedom in design of the Bosch drive systems represent the foundation for a diverse choice from the bike manufacturers - regardless if it is a mountain bike, trekking, city, or a touring bike.​

Pedelecs open up a wide variety of possibilities: a tour of discovery during your free time or while on vacation, on the way to work and when taking care of errands  the eBike embodies freedom and independence, shrinks mountains, shortens the distances that lie ahead and makes it even easier to reach our goals.



  • More versatility.

  • More adventure.

  • More riding enjoyment.

Unique, flexible and contemporary – with optimal range. This powerful Drive Unit transforms any pedelec into a clever everyday companion. Whether you’re heading to the movies, out into nature, or around the corner for dinner at friends, Active Line will get you there faster and more relaxed.

Just the right level of support with every push of the pedal – for relaxed bike tours and more power for everyday use. Ideal for leisure eBike enthusiasts, Drive Unit Active Cruise provides support at speeds up to 25 kph (15.5 mph) and optimally balanced power.

Drive Unit Active Cruise provides just the right amount of support at speeds up to 25 kph (15.5 mph). It is available on eBikes with derailleur systems or hub gear systems, and in the latter case also with backpedal functionality. Its drive concept’s high-performance electronics and low-vibration motor are impressive. Its optimized 3-sensor concept performs 1000 highly precise measurements per second, affording optimum power tuning and a uniquely new riding sensation. 

Different riding modes

Intuvia Active on-board computer serves as your eBike’s command center, making it possible to switch between the five different riding modes, as well as to call up information like speed, battery level and distance.


Prize-winning and rugged

The ergonomic eBike system with the Red Dot Award for product design. Due to its integrated stone chip and spray water protection, the drive unit is also extremely rugged.



  • More drive.

  • More passion.

  • More character.

Flow through the city or along challenging trails – the Performance Line transforms eBikers into adventurous explorers. At just the right moment, the potent drive system supplies just the right amount of power. More output for more eBiking fun.

Designed for sporty, powerful riding, Performance Line truly lives up to its name. This dynamic powerhouse impresses with its high-performance support in any terrain. Whether on flats, steep slopes, pavement or trails, this Drive Unit conquers any type of gear shifting.

Whether you’re pleasantly commuting to work or out on an extended weekend tour, Drive Unit Performance increases your radius of activity. Its high-performance powerhouse adds a noticeably powerful and sporty thrust to your accelerations. It thereby enables you to conquer large distances and ascents not only with ease, but with plenty of enjoyment – at speeds of up to 25 kph (15.5 mph) with Drive Unit Performance Cruise, and even up to 45 kph (28 mph) with the Drive Unit Performance Speed variant.

Perfect grip and smooth flow

Whether you’re in the flow of city traffic, on an extended trail excursion or in mountainous terrain.

Quiet and durable

Precise motor control and rapid processing of sensor signals, minimum levels of noise and vibration. Reliably stable chain run prevents chain derailments and improper loading, and reduces wear.



  • Ultimate Uphill Flow.

  • Take On Steeper Challenges.

  • Powerful Off Road Acceleration

The new Performance Line CX provides more than just markedly more powerful off-road acceleration, it really delivers the goods on mountain trails, thanks to its optimized drive unit and innovative technology. Discover the ultimate Uphill Flow experience, and keep setting even steeper challenges to reach the summit.

For fans of truly dynamic riding

Experience previously unknown mountain biking dynamics. The new Drive Unit Performance CX is the ideal powerhouse for off-road terrain. Trail enthusiasts are thrilled by its maximum torque of 75 Nm, its powerful pedaling support of up to 300%, and its more compact mountain bike design. True flow and incredible support on the trail

With its higher maximum torque output of 75 Nm, the new Performance Line CX offers a clearly noticeable boost in performance. The drive unit also features a more compact housing and a rugged powder coating. It provides powerful acceleration and ultimate uphill flow when biking off-road or in the mountains. Experience its steady supply of power while accelerating through alpine terrain, even at high pedaling cadences. With Performance Line CX, Bosch has a defined a completely new riding sensation and provided an exceptional eBiking experience.

Maximum Momentum

Strong and steady – even at high rotational speeds, thanks to continuously optimal torque (75 newton meters).

The Intuvia on-board computer

The clever control center


With the Intuvia on-board computer, you can easily and intuitively control your pedelec.

The display, which can be easily read in sunlight, reliably keeps you

up to date about current weigh, distance, trip time and remaining range.

Highlights at a glance

  • Five riding modes with different support: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo and Off.

  • Walk assistance makes pushing your eBike easier.

  • Information like speed, battery level and distance

  • Intuvia serves as your eBike’s command center.

  • All important information and good readability under all lighting conditions – also available in off-board mode.

  • When you’re not peddling within the optimum efficiency range, the system recommends shifting to either a higher or lower gear speed.

  • The optional service interval display always tells you when your eBike is due for a service

  • Intuvia can charge cameras and smartphones via the USB interface when you are traveling.


The riding modes at a glance:

Turbo - The highest level of powerful direct support, up to the highest cadences for sport riding.

Sport - Immediate, powerful support for sporty riding, both off-road in the city.

Tour - Steady support for longer-range tours.

Eco - Effective, optimally efficient support for maximum range.

Off - No support; all on-board computer functions accessible.


Optional Upgrade To Nyon

The first all-in-one eBike on-board computer

Everything you need for your own very special eBike experience is on board and at your fingertips:

The possibilities are endless when you plan your route with Nyon. Navigation, trip data, range,

fitness assistant, text message reception and much more. Nyon guides you through everything

from planning your route and navigating your journey to rating your activities with

additional features and options. As the industry’s first fully networked ecosystem, Nyon marks

the beginning of a new era.


Turbo, Sport, Tour or Eco – with Nyon you can adapt motor support to your own particular type

of riding. Arrange your Nyon’s user interface the way you want, and keep an eye on all your

important info, such as time, cadence, battery level and distance traveled.





Turn left in 50 meters. Nyon reliably guides you to your destination –

with 2D or 3D map view. Fast, energy-saving or scenic – tell Nyon what you prefer,

and it supplies you with a suitable route.





560 kilocalories burned. Based on recorded ride data,

Nyon calculates your riding performance, as well as your calorie consumption,

allowing you to exercise effectively and according to your goals.

Evaluations and visualizations of your performance provided at eBike-Connect.com

allow you to analyze the success of your exercise over time.

Smartphone function

You have a new message! Via Bluetooth,

Nyon notifies you of text messages received on your smartphone.

The eBike Connect smartphone app allows you to customize Nyon to your personal

needs via Bluetooth. And at the eBike-Connect.com online portal, you can plan your

tours and fitness activities –and assess the results in detail.

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