Tannus Airless Puncture Proof Tyres and Tannus Armour Tyre Liners

Truly innovative products can be found from Tannus who are leaders in the field of shock absorbtion technology from famous branded footwear, sports helmets, tyres and tyre liners.

Tannus Aither Airless Tyres - No tube, no puncture

Tannus Airless Tyres are made from cutting-edge Aither technology and does not care about thorns, nails, glass, or anything the road throws at them. Never worry about punctures again – just ride with 9000km guaranteed.

Tannus Armour Tyre Liners - Increased protection and performance whilst still using an inner tube set up. Puncture protection, increased grip, increased comfort and run flat! Fast and easy installation. Guaranteed for 7000km

Tannus Armour

(see product size options for full information and the many benefits.



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