There are so many reasons why buying an electric bike could be the right decision  for you. Here are just a few that we and our customers can think of:

"They are great fun"

"You can explore places you would not have considered before"

"They can help you to keep fit"

"You can go further than you would on a regular bike"

"You control how hard you want to work and how much assistance you want from the bike"

"They can help with rehabilitation"

"You can go touring with them"

"They can be a great form of transport"

"Head Winds and Hills are no longer a problem"

"You can keep up with a fitter rider and enjoy riding together"

"You can commute and arrive at work quicker and less sweaty than on a regular bike"

"There is no road tax or MOT"

"They come in a great range of styles and sizes so there is something for everyone"

The eBike stimulates our mobility and is one of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time. With positive impact on our health, environment, and society. The modern components and the freedom in design of the Bosch drive systems represent the foundation for a diverse choice from the bike manufacturers - regardless if it is a mountain bike, trekking, city, or a touring bike.

Pedal assisted electric bikes or e-bikes as you might know them are a huge passion for all of us at The Little Bike Shop.


We ride them ourselves so we are in a great position to be able to tell you all you need to know and answer any questions that you might have before, during and after the sales process.

We are currently stocking electric bikes from several long standing and well renowned manufacturers focusing on the Bosch driven system making in our opinion the perfect combination in quality, technology and reliability.

A full after-sales workshop is also available for your ongoing needs.

If you would like to know more or book a demonstration then please get in touch.

Experience the electric bike smile at The Little Bike Shop

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